Hello world!

Welcome to the new Hooda Math Blog! Hi, I’m Michael Edlavitch, you may remember me from Exhibits at various Math Conferences or EdTech Conferences. You may also remember me from the free swag you grabbed: landyards, pens, styluses. If you are a true fan of me, you may remember me from several blogs I have started and failed to continue over the years. Blogs about myself, blogs about starting your own flash game arcade, and most importantly blogs about Hooda Math.

I hope this blog encompasses all of those topics and more. If you are looking for old information or articles try the Wayback Machine.

It is 2014, the 6th anniversary of Hooda Math, and we have chosen the 2014 wordpress theme, we hope you like it.

Stay tuned! Because a lot of things are happening on Hooda Math and most of them go unnoticed. So sign-up as a subscriber, or follow us on twitter. As many have asked about a pdf on the alignment of Common Core State Standards and our Games, here is a link to one we created last summer: CCSS1. We are currently working on a new one, as we added over 50 games in the 2013-2014 school year.


from the creator of hoodamath.com