Friday, November 22, 2013

Algebra Math Games, is it a possibility? Yes!!!

If you haven't noticed Hooda Math has taken a huge turn towards html5 mobile development this year. If you do not know what i'm talking about, please check out the mobile section of our website, or go to on your iPad, etc.

Part of our shift to mobile is the recognition that a lot of schools with BYOD (bring your own device) are high schools. But do we have High School games? Yes, most of our games can increase the logical thinking skills of High School students.

Some educators are still not satisfied with math practice standards games alone, thus we are putting all our eggs in one programmers basket, and our founder and CEO is developing mobile math games for older students as quickly as possible.

You may have already noticed Transformation Golf, this game words on the basic vocabulary of transformations, including: translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation. At the same time it has a fun 9 holes to play as you practice remembering what each transformation does.

WE ARE PLEASE TO ANNOUNCE: Slope Intercept Surround, a new mobile math game that works on 2 variable equations in slope-intercept form. It also shows the graphing of the linear equations. In fact the game is more focused on the graphing. As a player must determine 2 lines that surround a given area on a coordinate plane. This game could also lead into class discussions about inequalities.

Look forward to our next game, "Target S.O.E." That stands for systems of equations, and yet it just might get your students to practice solving systems of equations in a fun way.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Common Core State Standards via Hooda Math Games

First, I would like to thank those that stopped by our booth at NCTM regional conference and Baltimore. I look forward to meeting those that come to the Las Vegas conference as well. As promised I am offering for download our 69 page (2mb) document that breaks down each one of our games by common core state standards and categorized into K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-High School. This is a rough draft, so what we suggest is after opening it on your computer use your applications finder to search for a specific standard you are looking for and it will highlight it through out the document and thus you can find corresponding math games on our website. Common Core State Standards via Hooda Math Games .pdf. Thank you, Michael Edlavitch Founder and CEO

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hooda Escape Ice Cream Shop

Trying to escape was never so sweet as in Hooda Escape Ice Cream Shop.  This puzzle has you using your math & reasoning skills. along with your keen powers of observation as you roam the ice cream shop, looking for a way out.  Watch for clues and puzzles and be creative.  Hint: sometimes just touching items in the right order can be part of the solution to the puzzle.  If you have a sweet tooth like me, don't be surprised if you end up indulging in a little ice cream yourself before you are through.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hooda Escape Hunting Lodge

Imagine waking up from a good night's sleep to find your family is gone and you have been locked in the family hunting lodge.  It sounds like the start of a scary movie.   However, in the case of Hooda Escape Hunting Lodge,  it is only the start of some problem solving fun.  See how long it takes you to escape the family hunting lodge.  Do not forget to watch for clues and take your math skills with you.  Have fun!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Graphing Gala

Don't let school and the stress over the common core standards keep you from a little party fun, come join the Hoodas' Graphing Gala.  This new game from will give students of all ages practice with graphing coordinate pairs.  Players earn money by identifying the point on a coordinate grid that corresponds with the given ordered pair.  After earning some money with a bit of graphing coordinate fun, the player helps the Hoodas prepare for their gala by shopping at Party Central for the party place, clothes, food and entertainment.  Then, when all is ready, the player enjoys the interactive party.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hooda Hinges

Hooda Hinges is here just in time for some geometric, mind bending fall fun.  If you enjoy a good puzzle then check this game out.  While playing Hooda Hinges you will be visualizing and executing rotations on smaller geometric pieces to create a composite shape.  Not only is this game fun but it is great practice for entrance tests in which perceptual ability is a must.  One of those tests is the DAT, the dental Admissions Test, in which 90 perceptual ability questions must be answered in just 60 minutes.  For teachers and students at the secondary level, this game supports several geometric and math practice common core standards.


For more puzzle fun visit:  www.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Escape the Classroom

Escape the Classroom is a fun game for the beginning of the school year that lends itself well to partner/ group settings.  In order to escape the classroom, students need to be observant, take notes of what they see, interpret the clues and solve puzzles.  They will also need to share and discuss their ideas and findings, if played with a partner or group.   Students will need to discover patterns, notice and use geometric attributes and  even do a single digit division problem along the way. Most importantly, they will be having fun using higher order thinking skills as they work together to Escape the classroom.

CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1                               CCSS.Math.Practice.MP7
CCSS.Math.Content.2.G                                 CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.B.6